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Feb. 17th, 2011


Update Stuff

So in addition to posting my writing on here, I'll also be attempting to assemble a portfolio of sorts for my photography. If you go to my profile and click "Scrapbook" or whatever it's called, you can see them there.

I'm basically making this LJ my creative outlet thing. Hopefully it helps keep me organized.

Also, once I have it somewhat more organized, I'm going to be posting the story I'm working on for my Fiction Workshop class because I love it and already being slightly harassed about it to write more. (It's sophomore year all over again with that damn HP fanfic) lol. I'll post it on FictionPress.com but I'll put the link on whatever update I do.


Feb. 14th, 2011



View the scene through a clear lens,

Overwhelmed by the activity.

See the little one eyeing the cake.

See presents lined along the wall,

See the person watching it all.

With a single click, a brilliant flash,

A light shutters in, a moment exposed,

Seconds pass, tick…tick…tick…

Just like magic, the scene resurfaces

Crisp and vivid, all the chaos focused.

Hunger reflects in the little one’s eyes,

Satin bows and Barbie paper disguises,

Blurred silhouettes racing in the yard,

Preserved forever in that single frame.


"Childish Ecstasy"

Nose crinkles as giggles suppressed.

Teeth bite down on the fleshy lip.

His fingers caress the delicate skin,

Sensations of laughter flit across.

Tickling is the latest sin.

With each touch, bodies squirm.

Childish ecstasy.


Soon he’s on top of you,

Pinned down against the bed,

There’s nowhere to run.

Your body convulses below

as fingers probe your flesh.

 Surrender…surrender… he whispers,

His hot breath attacking your earlobe.

A sudden burst of adrenaline flows through,

Flipping the unsuspecting boy on his back.

Legs on either side hold him in place.

His breath quickens as yours begins to slow,

Creating a harmony of

childish ecstacy.





What teenager doesn't write angsty stuff? These are some old poems I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy.


Stash [Hide them.] them.


No more. Please.


Every touch…


S                      u                      r                       i                       g

q                      i                       m                     n


Please just





Running away is what I do best,

but what do you expect with this pain in my chest?

That survival instinct kicks in:

Fight or flight.

I’ve spent too much time fighting,

so watch me spread my wings.

Call me a coward.

Call me weak.

But I'm going to do what's right for me.


The sound of silence fills my head;

Its shrill cry piercing my ears.

The constant hum of nothing is deafening.

I cannot think.


Sigma Convention Acceptances

Well these were the three poems that were just accepted to be presented at the Sigma Tau Delta convention this year. Not really fond of "Lighthouse" but I like the other two a lot.


Sh at  ter e  d sky, purple cracks
flee in all directions,
frightened of the bellowing.

Berated by the earsplitting squall,
The silent onlookers just weep,
damning the forest of victims.

Abandoned, vulnerable against the obsidian sky,


the branch noiselessly falls to the ground.



I am trapped.
[Confined to the prison of my mind.]
I am enslaved by the memory.
Haunted by the thoughts of yesterday.
Each forming a link in the chain that holds me here.
I can’t break free.
To do so would mean erasing all I know.
To escape I have to



Blue green water churns, and churns,
Waiting to digest the boat perilously drifting.

Liquid forces continue their onslaught,
Competing amongst each other for the next hit.

Off in the distance, a tower spotted.
A fortress mighty against the assault of sea.

A beacon of light flashes through the air,
Shining bright to guide its children home.

The great mast groans, struggling
As the ocean’s allies continue to berate it.

Illumination from the distance beckons the travelers
Like a parent encouraging its child.

Brighter it grows as the ocean’s defense falls,
success as potent as the salt water burning seamen’s tongues.

Finding weakness, using the ocean’s allies to their advantage,
The boat slices through the waves.

The winds cease their blustery assault,
And the waters ease back to their usual routine.

The protective lighthouse
Deprived the sea once again.


February 2011



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